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Airdesign Eazy 2 Superlight

3.360,00 2.856,00

Perfect for walking, the essence of the mountain flights!



Even lighter!

After Eazy 2, the smallest certified EN-A wing in the world (size XXS), we present the Eazy 2 Superlight! Certified in all sizes, easy to fly and very manageable, now is also extremely light.

Aside from its low volume, the Eazy 2 Superlight is not just for walking enthusiasts, but also for those who want a lightweight team.

Like Eazy 2 standard, the Eazy 2 Superlight has been designed to be robust and offer excellent durability.

Due to the reduced weight the inflation behavior is excellent, it results in an incredible increase in precision and agility, in this sense is much more comfortable than the standard version. You will recognize it easily by its two combinations Of particularly striking colors, if you like walking up, do not think it anymore!

    “The school wing that we use in our courses”

Safe and fun, Airdersign has managed to make an initiation wing that leaves all the topics of this segment behind!

Pilot profile
Designed to be your first glider, a wing that inspires confidence and that will allow you to grow as a pilot evolving with the maximum tolerance of errors.

It offers an agile piloting, high stability and perfect flight characteristics, ideal for mountain climbing.

Small sizes – XXS

The Eazy 2 SL is available in size XXS, with a recommended weight range of 50 to 65, but approved to 72, in case you want to carry more loaded on mountain flights and thus minimize the weight. So, it’s one of the smallest paragliders in the market!


AREA FLAT (m²)18,0620,5722,9925,0327,82
AREA PROJECTED (m²)15,5517,7019,7921,5423,94
SPAN FLAT (m)10,0310,5411,1811,7312,20
SPAN PROJECTED (m)7,558,068,528,899,37
ASPECT RATIO FLAT4,854,854,854,854,85
ASPECT RATIO PROJ.3,673,673,673,673,67
WEIGHT (kg)2,753,133,503,814,23
TAKE OFF WEIGHT (kg)50-65-72**60-7872-9285-105100-125
**50-65kg is the standard loading, 65-72kg is a higher loading (both ranges EN-A)



Material Superlight Version
Top sail: DOKDO-N20DMF(WR) 35 grTop lines: Edelrid 8000/U-090
Bottom sail: Porcher Marine Skytex 27 – 29 grMiddle lines: Edelrid 8000/U-130/190
Ribs: Myungjin – MJ32HF – 32 grMain lines: Edelrid 8000/U-230
Riser: 13mm Aramid mit Polyester überzogen – LIROSMailons: 4,3mm JOO-TECH/Korea


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Additional information

Weight4.5 kg
Dimensions70 × 40 × 20 cm

S, M, XXS, L, XS




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