Advance Sigma 10


Advance Sigma 10 represents innovation and cutting edge in both design and technology, it is simply the cross country paraglider!

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Advance Sigma 10

SIGMA 10 2123252729
Flat surfacem22122.924.526.428.4
Projected surfacem21819.62122.624.3
Ideal weight rangekg65 – 7575 – 8585 – 9797 – 110110 – 125
Certified takeoff weightkg60 – 7770 – 8880 – 10092 – 114105 – 128
Glider weightkg4.454.754.855.155.45
Projected spanm9.109.509.8010.2010.60
Aspect ratio
Projected aspect ratio
Max. chordm2.302.432.482.582.67
Number of cells 6666666666
Number of risers 33333
Accelerator travel max.cm1112161718
Certification EN / LTF DEN / LTF CEN / LTF CEN / LTF CEN / LTF C

Pilot Profile

The segment where Sigma 10 is located is focused on experienced cross country and competition pilots with a lot of experience in high B and categories above, is not suitable or recommended for all those pilots who want to start flying cross country and neither as the first performance paraglider.

*To fly any high performance paraglider it is essential to have acquired a very good active piloting with accurate control of the axes of flight, we must have a good knowledge and execution of the recovery techinques and incidents control to be able to fly safely within this category.

Available Colors

For additional 300 euros you can customize the design of your Sigma 10 with the color customization tool sending us a screenshot to

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Additional information

Weight5 kg
Dimensions70 × 40 × 20 cm

Custom, Pacific, Grey, Red, Spectra


29, 25, 27, 21, 23


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