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Airdesign Ride 3


The Airdesign Ride 3 is a EN B tandem that flies extremely well to the lower range and certified from 115 to 215 kg in M size, the ideal weight range!

For pilots of more than 90kg or always flying to the maximum weight range, size L (135-230kg) is recommended.

It is undoubtedly one of the most expected 2019 news, a robust and durable tandem but dynamic and fun, one of the ideal candidates for professional use without sacrificing the best features.


Available as of the end of January 2019


  • Glider
  • Airpack XL
  • Riser bag
  • Spreader bar
  • Booklet
    • Repair cloth
    • Spare rubber o-rings
    • Spare trimmer-band
    • USB-Stick (Manual)

*Bagpack and soft spreaders not included..



Strengths of the new Airdesign Ride 3

  • Perfect for lighter passengers – allowing you to maintain speed, performance and agility
  • Perfect usability at top weight loading
  • A wider usable weight range than ever conceived before
  • Size M: It’s an M size tandem. It’s not a small or large wing; therefore it sits in between the conventional sizing concept and is perfect for most tandem pilots (consider the L size if you are >95kg or are consistently loading your wing towards the higher end).
  • Size L: This sizing allows you to support a higher take-off weight, without compromising speed or performance characteristics when loading at the bottom end.
  • Compact sizing also results in better handling and a wider speed range, offering a greater level of canopy stability and reduced overall glider weight makes the new Airdesign Ride 3 one of the best options.
  • Reduced issues associated with lack of penetration in strong headwind conditions
  • The new HLP profile provides excellent climbing characteristics as well as easy inflation and lift-off.


  • High Lift Profile (HLP): Provides greater lift compared to standard profiles. Therefore, it’s possible to load more weight on a compact sized glider and still have the feeling of lift that you‘d normally expect from a larger wing; giving perfect speed throughout the weight-range, incredible lift and awesome handling, one of the best features of the new Airdesign Ride 3.
  • Compact sizing: Ensures perfect flying characteristics on low loadings. Maintains handling agility and stability.
  • Revised trimmer system: Extremely effective trimmer range enables excellent top speed – accelerating up to +11kmh when fully opened, while also ensuring that the wing is stable and handles perfectly, a good point for this EN B tandem.
  • Big-ears system: Split A-risers to support big ear line retention via the newly developed spreader ball keeper system. (SKS)
  • Reduced overall weight due to compact sizing and optimized inner construction utilising a durable time-proven material mix, ideal for commercial use.


Colors AirDesign Ride 3

Colors AirDesign Ride 3

Technical details

Area flat (m2)39,5441,69
Area projected (m2)33,6635,18
Span flat (m)14,5314,92
Span projected (m)11,4211,73
Aspect ratio flat5,345,34
Aspect ratio projected3,913,91
Total line lenght (m)368368
Total lines224224
Lines diameters (mm)0,95/1,15/1,4/1,8/2,20,95/1,15/1,4/1,8/2,2
Weight (kg)7,68,0
V-Trim / V-Max (km/h)38/+1138/+11
LTF/EN CategoryBB*
Take-off weight (kg)115-215135-230
  • Size L not certified yet

• Top sail: Dominico 30D
• Bottom sail: Dominico N20
• Ribs: Porcher 9017 E27 / 70032 1580 E4D
• Top: LIROS DSL70/120
• Mid: LIROS PPSL200/275
• Main: EDELRID 7343-420, 7343-280
• SEO KWANG, Korea – 1″ Nylon –
• LIROS, Germany – 00185-1300
4,3mm JOO-TECH/Korea
• SEO KWANG, Korea – Type13 Nylon – 1-23/32”, 7000Lbs
Soft spreader 20mm (not included):
• SEO KWANG, Korea – 3⁄4” Nylon – 2300Lbs

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Additional information

Weight7 kg
Dimensions70 × 40 × 30 cm

M, L




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