Entrenúvols Paragliding school

Come and visit us in Àger. You will find the Paragliding school and Paragliding shop.

Just in front of our school we have our own landing field and Cal Maciarol, with food and accomodation services. And a very cool terrace...

Entrenúvols school - Àger

Tandem flights, Basic courses - Shop

Arrive to Àger is very easy:
From Barcelona or Girona:

  • Take A2 highway to Lleida
  • Take the exit to "Balaguer - Vall d'Aran" (C-13), just after Tàrrega, before arrive to Lleida
  • Take the exit to Àger (C-12)
  • While in Àger, turn on your left just at the enter of small village. Follow the signs: "Zones de Vol" or "Centre d'Observació de l'Univers"
  • In less than 2 km you will arrive.

From Lleida or Tarragona:

  • Go to Balaguer by C12 or C13 road, depending from where you come
  • Follow same steps from above

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While in Àger, you only have to follow "Zona de Vol" or "Coll d'Ares" signs. There is only one road that goes to the Montsec (mountain). You don't have to take any dirt track, all is paved road.
One image is better than 1000 words...:

Centre SIV Entrenúvols - Pantà de Sant Antoni

Cursos de seguretat i acrobàcia

At Sant Antoni lake we don't have any phisical location, we depend on water level... but we commonly meet at "Xiringuito" bar-restaurant, just near the "beach".

Arrive to Sant Antoni Lake is very easy:
From Àger:

  • Take the road to the East, to Tremp
  • On the cross where C-12 ends, turn to left by C-13 to Tremp and follow to La Pobla de Segur
  • In La Pbla de Segur, take the first roundabout to the right
  • Just few meters after roundabout, after cross the bridge, take the road to the right, To Aramunt
  • After 3km aprox, you will arrive to Xiringuito

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While in La Pobla de Segur, you only have to follow signs to Aramunt. Some images may help you: